Office Etiquette Rules

The rules  – Office etiquette and business decorum.

angry businessmanThe purpose of this blog is not to transform the current generation of office workers into some stuffy, updated version of Miss Manners but rather to save people from themselves.  It has been made abundantly clear to me in my work that many people have never been taught basic rules of office etiquette and business decorum.  Furthermore, many organizations do not provide this type of information to their employees; either because they do not believe it to be necessary, they are afraid of dictating what happens in the workplace, or they themselves are unaware of what these rules should be.  The latter is often seen in smaller, younger companies that are typically found in less established industries.

This blog will not address “macro” issues such as violence or harassment in the workplace.  If these issues are not already black and white for you, there will be bigger concerns than deciding what screen saver to pick.